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Curriculum vitae

Date of birth: 6.1.1945
Place of birth: Freistadt, Upper Austria
Primary school and High school in Steyr, Upper Austria
1963 - Graduate and start of studies on Technical University of Vienna, Mechanical Engineering (A)
1963 until 1970 several practica at GFM (Gesellschaft fuer Fertigungstechnik und Maschinenbau) in Steyr, Austria, SHW (Schwaebische Huettenwerke) in Wasseralfingen, Germany and Brown Boveri & Cie in Baden, Switzerland
1973 - After Technical University start at VOEST - ALPINE AG as calculation engineer
1974 - Projektmanager for hydraulic development of low head turbines (Bulb type and Kaplan turbines)
1975 until 1981 - Project Manager for hydraulic model testing of Bulb turbine power stations Abwinden - Asten, Melk and Greifenstein, as well as for Salzach river power plants Bischofshofen, Urreiting, St.Johann and Grafenhof in Austria
1977 - Manager of Hydraulic Testing Laboratory of VOEST - ALPINE AG in Linz, Austria
1981 - Department Manager of project engineering for Hydraulic turbines and plants
1987 - Manager Productmanagement for technical offers of VOEST - ALPINE Maschinenbau GmbH
1991 - Department Manager for technical offers of VA TECH VOEST MCE GmbH
1996 until 1999 - Member of the Management Board of VA TECH BOUVIER HYDRO S.A. in Grenoble, France
2000 - Manager for technical offers of Large Hydro Sales Turbines of VA TECH HYDRO GmbH in Linz, Austria
since 2006 - same position for Andritz VA TECH HYDRO GmbH
since 2008 - same position for ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH
since 1.2.2010 retired
since 16.2.2010 Technical Bureau for Mechanical Engineering (Hydro Power Consulting - HPC)
since 2.5.2013 Office and Business closed and final retirement


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