Steyr in Upper Austria

Enns-Steyr Zusammenfluss mit Schloss Lamberg Stadtwappen Steyr Zusammenfluss

The Wolfartsberger family in Steyr is a traditional citizen family. Since many generations the family has been living in the city and the origin goes back to the 17th century. South of the city there is the "Wohlfahrtsberg" where the family comes from. Even today you can find a small lane on the hills near St.Ulrich called the "Wohlfahrtsbergweg". - Steyr is in Upper Austria, the city center is nearby the confluence of the rivers Enns and Steyr you can see on the fotos. The city is also very old and traditional. It was founded in 980 A.D. so the city is more than 1,000 years old. Today there are approx. 40,000 inhabitants living in Steyr and it's an industrial city famous for the "Steyr-Trucks" company (today MAN), gears for Magna, SKF roller bearings and the BMW car engine production works. On the pictures above you can see the castle of Lamberg, the former "Styraburg", the confluence of Enns and Steyr rivers and the Saint Michaels church.

Wohlfahrtsberg in St.Ulrich Unser Haus in der Neuschoenau Christkindlkirche

Our house is located in the southern part of the city, nearby the river Enns and close to the monestery of Garsten, one of the most beautiful places in Austria with a church of the Barock style, stuckart by Giovanni Carlone. Close to Steyr you can also find the small village of 'Christkindl' with its famous church and mail office, many Christmas letters will be sent every year to the whole world.

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