Sonja at slope in Hinterstoder Sonja Sonja kanga

Sonja is the chicken in the family. She was born in Steyr and she has finished Highschool successfully in 2001. Below you can find a link to her 'Fachbereichsarbeit' about 'Ovids Metamorphosen' to get the Highschool certificate (in german language only). She finished her studies 'Land surveying and Geoinformation' at the Vienna University of Technology with the second examen (Dipl.-Ing.); then she lived in a small appartment in Vienna and was working fulltime in the surveying bureau WAGNER in Vienna until mid of year 2016. in April she married her boyfriend Josef and moved to Steyr. - She likes cooking, musics and taking photographs, swimming, sailing, walking in summer ... and skiing and skating in wintertime.


Sonja as Kanga trainer (more info to course here)

Ovids Metamorphosen (FBA, German language only)

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