Martha's Report about the Year 2010

Dear Friends and Relatives, ................................................. Steyr, in December 2010

Last year was influenced by the increasing lack of energy, health and finally death of my mum Elisabeth Oppel in July.
A great change in our life was also the retirement of Kurt in February. It was really unusual that he is home every day. We got used to this situation and we like this way of living with less stress now. But his retirement is not a total one, because he runs a little consulting office to do some work for his former company.
January and February we were busy to clean up the apartment downstairs in our house, where Erika, the retired kinder garden nurse was living in (she died suddenly in November 2009). We are planning now our "old people home" downstairs.
In March we had a beautiful skiing week in Sölden, Tyrol together with Sonja, our younger daughter. For interested people there are photos on our website at
In May we had a lot of cold and rainy days in Austria, so our sailing season started very late and ended soon, because September was very bad weather too. At least we had some nice sailing days in summer.
The hottest month was July, when we had workers to restore the roof of our garage, which was necessary to do when the roof was dry. We hope the new rubber wrap will last for some decades, as the company promises. So I had to drive alone to the funeral of my cousin Grete in Waldviertel the home region of my dad.
My sister's family is doing quite well. Traude and her husband George are both retired and very busy with singing in several quires and also performances like the celebration in hospital when their son was promoted to the position of a Supreme Doctor. Their daughter Angelika is quite a good actress and played a bigger part in a famous Austrian movie.
Our daughters are doing well too. Anita is busy with research at the University of Vienna to finish her doctor thesis one day. She lives together with her boyfriend Markus in Döbling now. Sonja is working very hard in the surveying office and also for her diploma thesis to finish her studies at Vienna University of Technology.
Since October we heat without CO2 emission, because we installed a heat pump, which we were discussing about for many years. Kurt is busy now to optimise the settings.
At beginning of November we had to take part at a funeral again, because Kurt's Aunt Edith, his mother's sister had died unexpected in Villach, Carinthia. At the end of November we spent some nice days in my hometown Vienna to meet our children and some good friends too. Kurt took part at a conference organised by the Vienna University of Technology while I visited the exhibition of the famous Mexican painter Frida Khalo.
Now we are back to "Christmas Town Steyr" and we like to go out to the advent markets.
So we wish you and your families a peaceful Christmas season and a healthy New Year 2011.
Love Martha and family

Martha Wolfartsberger
Tel. +43 664 33 65 948

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