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Martha was born and grown up in Vienna and her education is medizine laboratory techniques. Her mother Elizabeth lived in Rechnitz in Burgenland, near to the border of Hungary.

Rechnitz is a wine - growing region ..... ( see the grapeharvest on the photo above ). The neighbour is Johann HERIST and he produces excellent wines, 'Schnaps' as well as honey from the Suedburgenland region.

Vinothek Reichermuehle

Highly recommanded is to visit the Vinothek of the village " Reichermuehle", where you have the opportunity to try out and test excellent vines from the best vinemakers of Rechnitz.

Today Martha is busy in the household and in the garden, looking after everyone's health too. So, she is doing everything. And she likes swimming.

Martha has relatives in USA, in Benton Harbour near Chicago. Martha, Anita and Sonja paid a visit to them. - Martha also has relatives from Waldviertel - Oppel Guenther and his family - who emigrated to Canada. See a picture of his farm.

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