Anita James Dean

Mag. Dr. phil. Anita Santner . . . . . . . James Dean

Anita was born in Steyr. In June 1999 she has finished Higschool in Steyr with excellent results. She started her studies for Germanistics & Anglistics at the Vienna University and in 2003 she had performed a year in London at the University College to improve her English. Her diploma thesis was about the cabaret 'Wiener Werkel' during the Second World War in Vienna and on Monday 24th of January 2005 she finished her studies with an excellent result of her masters degree' examen. Meanwhile she was teaching English at the Vienna University for Commerce and Trade for four years. October 13th, 2012 Anita and Markus celebrated their marriage in Steyr, Upper Austria. In August 2013 their daughter Laura was born who is a sunshine for everybody. - Anita's favourites are arts and any kind of cabaret, especially Alfred Dorfer, Guenther Paal, Roland Dueringer and Josef Hader --- and she is in fond of the actor James Dean. She likes reading books and musics and in winter she is skiing and skitouring, in summer hiking in the mountains. She worked at the University of Vienna were she finished her doctor thesis in August 2015. From September 2015 she teached English as a lector at the University in Vienna. In parallel she worked as a teacher for English at the 'Polgargymnasium' in Vienna in Donaustadt.

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